Wednesday, March 28, 2018

G. I. JOE Season 3.1 -- Chapter One

Another chapter from my G. I. JOE novel.  Available now (for free for Unlimited subscribers!) at Amazon.  Reviews would be very welcome...


“Facing increasing pressure on the Pentagon budget, the Air Force now plans on ending development of a weapon system designed to eradicate Soviet satellites in space. Meanwhile, South Korean opposition leaders have declared the results of its recent presidential election invalid, due to what they deem ‘widespread fraud.’
“Back at home, Finn’s Point National Cemetery will be the site of a rare exhumation today. The body of E4 Specialist Colin Kristofer is expected to be exhumed, following recent reports of links between Kristofer and the notorious head of terrorist organization Cobra Command. Until recently, the masked fanatic’s identity was a stubborn mystery to authorities.
“We’ll be back with more headlines for this Friday, December 18th. But first, a message from the new and improved Red Rocket Burgers. Have you ridden the rocket today?”

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Micro-Reviews: G. I. JOE, Vol. 1, Part Two

G. I. JOE #6 (December 1982). Herb Trimpe flexing his Kirby muscles on the cover.

The storyline is another one plotted/drawn by Trimpe, scripted by Hama. An experimental Russian craft has crashed in Afghanistan. Both Russia and Cobra want it, conflicts ensue.

Oh, also, Hawk is a traitor.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Micro-Reviews: G. I. JOE, Vol. 1, Part One

Original Marvel trade of the G. I. JOE series. Only took 20 years to get a reprint collection.

When Joe Quesada took over Marvel, a fan asked if he’d pursue the rights of G. I. JOE. His response, I interpreted at the time, was arrogantly dismissive.

When a fan obtained the rights, wrote it himself and published it through Image -- Massive hit. Marvel’s response?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

" felt like a kiss."

I've reached what many would call the greatest Adventures story ever, and a little-known comic with a connection to the story.  Mad Love is this week's focus in Adventure(s) Time.

Friday, March 2, 2018

It's Hotter Than Hell...And I'm The Winner

Pleased to announce I'm the winner of Liberty Island's "Hotter Than Hell" Heroes Vs. Villain fiction contest.  The Villain side of the contest, that is.  My entry is the first chapter in a novel told from the villain's point of view (a baddie who's just now realizing the artifice surrounding his existence.)  You can read The Problematic Journey of Mr. Scratch here.

If you want to vote for the Villain to win, just follow this link. Thanks for your support!

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