Thursday, January 31, 2019

Captain America Epic Collection: The Bloodstone Hunt, Part One

The Epic reprints of the Mark Gruenwald era of CAP continue. This is the run that transitions from Kieron Dwyer to Ron Lim, meaning two of my favorite CAP artists are represented.
Bloodstone Hunt was deemed a significant enough arc to be reprinted back in the days of Marvel only releasing a few trades a year. Even the trades once had gimmick covers.

Monday, January 28, 2019

G. I. JOE Season 3.5: Endings without Worlds - Part Four

More from my final G. I. Joe novel. I can only hope I did Raptor's legions of fans justice. Download for free over at Smashwords.



THE GENERAL MARCHED INTO THE LOBBY. Had a thought about too many Joes occupying too many hospital beds recently.

Those casualties on the island were also weighing heavy. Three Renegades, one greenshirt. Even more hospitalized. At least one given the prognosis he’ll never walk again. Hawk still hadn’t allowed himself to feel those losses. The general maintained his composure as he was greeted by Quarrel, the only Joe involved with the Salem County imbroglio who didn’t require hospitalization.

“Psyche-Out should be released by tomorrow,” she stated after saluting. “But that daft Cobra git did a number on Big Lob. The doctors are afraid there’s some severe tissue damage.”

“Blast it. And the boy?”

Sunday, January 27, 2019

G. I. JOE Season 3.5: Endings without Worlds - Part Three

Download the novel for free in any format at Smashwords. Also, check out my latest post on the classic Marvel G. I. Joe commercials on GoL.



ARMS THICKER THAN TREE TRUNKS, wrapped around his chest. By Falcon’s estimate, only fifteen seconds remained before his oxygen would fully give out. Before this inhuman beast squeezed the literal life out of him.
Wasn’t how the lieutenant ever figured he’d leave the service, on the receiving end of a bear hug. One delivered by a living bat creature with a monosyllabic vocabulary and rancid squid breath.
Desperate, no other options left, Falcon made the move. Not one he was proud of, maneuvering his head like a snake and biting the wrist of that creature. Humiliating. He could just hear Tunnel Rat and Law giving him grief over this one. Solid month of heckling, easy. Assuming it even worked, that Falcon could tear through enough flesh and evoke the proper response from those nerve endings.
He couldn’t.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Adapting Days of Future Past...without Shadowcat

This week at CBR, I'm revisiting the X-Men animated adaptation of Days of Future Past. Watch as "present day" 1980 morphed into 1993, and Kitty Pryde was shut out again.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Batman Beyond at Twenty (!)

Batman Beyond turns twenty years old today! Feel free to reflect on the bizarre twisting of time as we all grow older. And, check out my retrospective on the series on CBR. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

G. I. JOE - Endings without Worlds, Part II

Download the book in full for free at Smashwords.



Rocks along the beach gave Falcon’s inflatable raft an inhospitable welcome. Did half of the lieutenant’s job for him, cutting a hole in the rubber. Making it easier for him to deflate the rest of the raft with his survival knife, the remains left to drift into the Atlantic. Rainstorm carried heavy winds. They’d blow the olive drab material far away from shore before he’d finished his mission.
The briefing warned of the steep hills surrounding the base. Convenient for their purposes, cutting off Camp Alpha from its immediate hinterland. Lt. Falcon exhaled, prepared himself for the climb. Not enough room in his bag for any hiking materials. He embraced the suck, just forced himself northward.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Tangled Development of Superman: The Animated Series

I'm looking back on the difficulties developing Superman: The Animated Series this week on CBR. It's actually one of my favorite CBR articles, if only for the interview I digged up with Bruce Timm, explaining just how much Alex Toth hated the show.
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