Friday, February 16, 2024

Two New Gene Kendall Collections!

I have two short story collections, scheduled for release on the same day. That same day is today. One collection is "in this world" and one "out of this world" (paranormal, horror, absurdity...) Both are free reads on Kindle Unlimited. Reviews appease our Amazon overlords, and I am genuinely curious about what you have to say.

Ten Tiny Tales: Stories of Broken Elevators and Other Mundane Things

Gene Kendall returns with ten stories of everyday joys, anxieties, and all the gooey stuff in-between. A few tales of families and criminals and windbags and kids who need haircuts. Featuring material originally presented in the Saturday Evening Post. Available here!

Dogteeth and Other Tales of the Paranormal

Ten stories of the paranormal from Gene Kendall, exploring both the light and the dark. A wood nymph becomes a crucial tool in global domination. A social media fad has the entire world feeling blue. An idyllic young couple faces a literal ghost from the past. Featuring the return of Bradley Burns, the Paranormal Desperado of Love is Dead(ly), and the debut of Dogteeth (don’t you ever call them vampires).  Available here!

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