Monday, October 27, 2008

X-FORCE #51 – February 1996

Reflections in the Night

Credits: Jeph Loeb (writer), Luciano Lima (penciler), Hunt/Jones/Quijano/Russell (inkers), Tom Vincent (colorist), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (lettering)


Cable and Bishop argue, as they examine the remains of Sabretooth’s shackles. Bishop suggests that Boomer might’ve helped Sabretooth escape, but Cable refuses to believe it. Cable leaves and checks on Shatterstar, who is being examined for any remaining influence from Tessa’s mind control. The Beast uses the opportunity to explore Shatterstar’s past, which annoys Cable. Elsewhere, Gambit checks on Siryn after she unleashes her sonic scream during her sleep. Outside of the mansion, Warpath follows a secret message and meets a mysterious woman named Risque at a junkyard. After an explosion buries him under debris, he instinctively throws the wreckage at the woman. She shrinks the debris with a touch of her finger. She then kisses Warpath and somersaults away. Cannonball tries to talk to Boomer about her father’s medical condition, but she refuses to open her bedroom door. The next morning, Cable tries to talk her into opening the door. Boomer comes out to reveal a new look, demanding that the team call her “Meltdown” from now on.

Continuity Notes

Warpath has now developed a super-speed power, in addition to the super-hearing that debuted a few issues ago. Boomer’s father is recovering from Holocaust’s assault against his trailer. Sunspot is beginning to think in Askani. Siryn’s troubled sleep is tied to her experience at the mental hospital.

Loeb drops some more hints, foreshadowing the upcoming “origin” of Shatterstar. Beast asks Shatterstar about his parents, and he pauses before claiming that he was bio-engineered. Beast tells Cable that Shatterstar’s DNA matches Longshot’s exactly, which is impossible.


This is really a “spotlight on subplots” issue, since it has no main storyline but instead focuses on brief scenes with different team members. You would think that Boomer’s reaction to Sabretooth’s reversion would receive the spotlight in this issue, but it’s actually only a small part of the story. Apparently, the betrayal leads her to adopt a new name and attitude, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an effort to sell it here. Really, all of the different scenes are so skimpy, it’s hard to care about any of them. Warpath gets a lot of attention, but his story just involves him briefly meeting yet another mystery character. Most of the other scenes are just reiterations of ongoing storylines without really advancing them at all. Pitting Cable against Bishop works okay, and it helps to emphasize Cable’s growing connection to his pupils, but the rest of the issue is pretty bland. The fill-in art comes from Luciano Lima, who turns in a stiff, awkward Jim Lee impression. It’s strange that virtually all of the X-titles have moved away from the early ‘90s look at this point, but the Image clones still show up as fill-in artists.


Aqualad said...

When do we get to the good Moore issues?

ray swift said...

Well, I actualy enjoyed this issue. At least the characters feel cohirent, and I actualy liked the way Boomer was portrayed, and the way her transformation into Meltdown was hinted for the whole issue and then revilied in a fitting end.
The only thing bothered me was "Risque". Men, as if I wasn't tired by characters with redicules nicknames based on wrong spelling. While reading that, the thing automaticly jumped into my head was "Revenche" which wasn't a good connotation to go toward any new character...

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