Monday, March 29, 2010

SPAWN #14 - September 1993

Myths- Part One

Credits: Todd McFarlane (story, pencils, & inks), Tom Orzechowski (letters and editor), Steve Oliff, Reuben Rude, & Olyoptics (colors)

Summary: Violator, still trapped in his clown form, pays a group of street kids to listen to a story of his past. He describes his encounter with Medieval Spawn, distorting the details and twisting himself into the hero’s role. Violator kidnapped a maiden to draw Medieval Spawn’s attention, but lost the first round of their fight. He retaliated by breathing fire on Medieval Spawn, which apparently killed him. Meanwhile, Sam and Twitch are removed from probation and go searching for Spawn. They catch a glimpse of his cape in the alleys before he disappears.

Todd Talk: The Todd McFarlane/Peter David debate is announced for the 1993 Philadelphia Comicfest. It’s my understanding that it didn’t go well for McFarlane.

The Big Names: Grant Morrison and Greg Capullo are announced as the creative team for issues #16-#18.

Spawn Stuff: A Violator medallion, which costs $149 for the sterling silver version and $595 for the gold version, is announced. Are there really people on this planet who paid six hundred dollars for what looks like a small Violator necklace?

Review: This begins a two-part flashback story with Medieval Spawn. It is kind of entertaining to watch McFarlane build up his own continuity by connecting Violator with one of the previous Spawns, but it comes at the expense of the ongoing storylines. The sole plot advancement comes from Sam and Twitch, and its only real purpose is to reintroduce the idea that they’re chasing Spawn. The gimmick that Violator’s details don’t match the actual events of the flashback gets old pretty fast, and while I understand that Violator is supposed to be crass and boorish, McFarlane isn’t able to convey this in a clever way. His insults and braggadocio just aren’t very funny.

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