Monday, January 10, 2011

SPAWN #55- November 1996


Credits: Todd McFarlane (story), Greg Capullo (pencils), Todd McFarlane & Danny Miki (inks), Tom Orzechowski (copy editor & letters), Brian Haberlin & Dan Kemp (colors)

Summary: In Rat City, Terry and Spawn review their plans, although tension still exists between them. As Violator checks in on Jason Wynn, Spawn sneaks onboard a plane headed for North Korea. There, he destroys a secret military installation that’s working for Wynn. Terry’s upset he’s destroyed evidence of Wynn’s stolen weapons, but Spawn assures him he’s kept a few souvenirs.

Review: Spawn #7 now has competition in the “Most ‘90s Cover Ever” contest. It’s not just the grimace, the giant guns, the dramatic pose, the excessive pouches, and ridiculous mask…the cover makes it clear that Spawn’s a cop-killer! Spawn’s coming for you pigs, and just like Body Count, he’s totally metal and gangsta at the same time. In the actual comic, Spawn’s killing soldiers instead of cops, but the juvenile anti-authority posturing is the same. (A tiny narrative caption informs us these troops “ravaged a small village” earlier, so it’s okay, moms. These are the bad guys.)

Although this does have a little more action than the average Spawn story, it’s essentially the same as the previous twenty or thirty issues. A few pages are spent reminding us of Spawn’s laughable connection to the evil worms, two more pages reiterate yet again that Wynn and Violator have a partnership, and Spawn spends a lot of time skulking around and hiding in shadows when he isn’t psychotically violent. And, like always, there are a dozen dangling plot threads that could be addressed, but are ignored for no discernable reason.

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wwk5d said...

I think this cover screams "Most 90s Cliched Cover Ever!" more than the cover of Span # 7 could ever hope to. It's not Spawn, it's the b@stard child of Spawn and Liefeld era Cable.

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