Monday, August 22, 2011


Look Before You Leap Into the Telekinetic Proto-Bomb!

Credits: Dan Raspler (writer), Dev Madan (penciler), Keith Champagne (inker), Bill Oakley (letterer), Scott Baumann (colorist)

Dismissing Monstergirl’s assessment that the team needs two weeks of training before facing a villain, Hard Drive demands action. Monstergirl ignores his orders for something “not too serious,” and asks Off-Ramp to use his teleportation portals to find news reports of major events. Yes, it’s a plot point that could easily be covered by a Google News Alert today. Off-Ramp discovers a mummy attack at an Army base, and soon enough, the Young Heroes are on the scene. Everyone takes turns fighting the mummy, but the fight ends when Hard Drive uses his telekinetic powers to destroy the monster. But what really matters is this…

Hard Drive isn’t angry with Monstergirl for disobeying his orders. They’re still hooking up behind the team’s back. When Junior catches them together, Hard Drive erases his memory.

Monstergirl is going out of her way to puff up Hard Drive’s ego.

Bonfire is enthralled with Thunderhead.

Thunderhead is enthralled with Bonfire.

Frostbite is jealous.

Off-Ramp…doesn’t do much this issue. We do learn that he can look into his teleportation portals as if they’re TV screens, though.

Junior is dizzy after having his short-term memory erased.

The book is still developing its cast and mysteries, with Hard Drive and Monstergirl stealing the show. They’re both playing the team to some extent, but they’re also keeping things from each other. It looks as if Monstergirl has some sinister motives, but who’s to say what Hard Drive is up to at this point? A solid second issue, and while it barely plays a role in the story, Dev Madan’s design of the mummy is great.

By the way, all of the scans are borrowed from the original Young Heroes fansite, which is still online.

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Adam Farrar said...

This sounds really fun. It's always nice to see people use the idea of powers in different ways. But this also sounds like those questions people always have about superheroes "Why doesn't X just use his mind powers to make everyone fall in love with him?" This could have been at the counter of a comic shop whenever some odd discussion comes up and handed to the guy. In particular I have to think about the shop that brings us

At the same time it's nice to see what's over looked in regular team comics. These characters decided to form a team because they could and then thought they should train. Rather than being pulled together by some villain or event and then staying together through a constant series dangers.

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