Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An Unofficial Guide to NYPD Blue - On Sale Now

Pleased to announce that my next project on Amazon is complete.  An Unofficial Guide to NYPD Blue: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Legendary Drama is now on sale, for a measly ninety-nine cents! 

Now, why plunk down a near-full buck for this tome if you've already followed my reviews over on the Gentlemen of Leisure site?  Well, first of all, why are you so cheap?  C'mon, it's not as if I'm asking for much of an investment, buddy.  Seriously, if you're a fan of the show and you've already followed my retrospective, and you're not interested in having the entire archive easily located on your favorite tablet...there's still more to offer.

I've tweaked all of the reviews, adding some bits of information, but that's only the beginning.  This collection also includes my reviews of the NYPD Blue novel series by Max Allan Collins, a new afterword reflecting on the run of the series, an episode guide, links to numerous video interviews featuring the cast and crew, and an examination of the strangest piece of NYPD Blue merchandising ever -- the children's book published in the U.K.  (I'm absolutely not kidding.)

And, on top of that, I've included the ultimate bit of NYPD Blue trivia, one amazing tidbit that I'd somehow managed to exclude during the initial retrospective series.  If you're willing to throw some support my way, or maybe write a review, I'd appreciate it.  As always, thanks, folks.


Austin Gorton said...

Very cool. I'll put up a post over on GoL so everyone there knows about it as well.

G. Kendall said...

Cool. Thanks, Austin.

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