Wednesday, April 17, 2019

G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero - "Computer Complications"

Another G. I. Joe episode that inspired my novel series. "Computer Complications." #GIJoe (…)
Maybe not the best title, but I think every kid of this era remembers this one. This is the episode establishing a romantic link between Mainframe & Zarana. Probably two years after this, the C.O.P.S. animated series will have a hero fall in love with a jewel thief. Plus, there's always Batman and Catwoman. And Marvel's answer, Cap and Diamondback.

I should mention I love the Season Two opening. S.2 is known for weak animation, but not in the opening credits.
Something I've only recently learned -- that's Duke's voice, not Flint's in the start of the credits. Would've been very easy to pull a Flint "Yo Joe" from a previous episode. No clue why they let this through. Also, a nice blend of '85 Joes with the new batch. Compare this to the '86 Transformers bloodbath. Don't know anything about writer David Shwartz. IMDB lists several with that name. Hopefully he's the director of Las Vegas Bloodbath. (…) 

Zandar has one of his few speaking parts this ep. Forget his voice sounds much, much older than Zartan's. This ep establishes Mainframe is a divorced 'Nam vet, yet his voice acting sounds darn young.

Also amusing to hear him threatened with harassment charges in an episode airing in '86.

Zarana's attempt to kill Mainframe backfires; he ends up saving her. And apologizes for hitting on her earlier.

She's never been treated this way, finds herself unable to complete the mission.
Very poor animation, but the script is sharp. Always moves, with plenty of character moments.

And no victory for the heroes. We're explicitly told "it's a draw," with both sides losing a carrier during the closing battle. Mainframe falling for Zarana's ruse is a major reason why. And the closing moment is brutal. Mainframe's in the hospital, while the Dreadnoks are heckling a despondent Zarana. "Maybe you ought to quit the Dreadnoks, go marry that wimp, get a house in the suburbs, have kids."

Closing is a split shot of the doomed lovers silently gazing into the moon. No attempt to offer either character relief.
Pretty brave, given the format and target demo. What a shame it looks like they animated this in MS Paint.

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Anonymous said...

I do believe their relationship gets referenced in a future episode, no?


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