Wednesday, October 17, 2007

X-MEN #10 – July 1992

“Where Happy Little Bluebirds Fly…”
Credits: Jim Lee (plot, pencils), Scott Lobdell (script), Scot Williams (inks), L. Lois Buhalis & Tom Orzechowski (letters)

In Mojoworld, Longshot discovers Rogue, Beast, Wolverine, and Cyclops. A flashback reveals that Dazzler traveled to Earth to seek the X-Men’s aid and was double-crossed by Mojo’s servant, Meek. He teleported the team to Mojoworld, where they were quickly captured and Dazzler was left for dead. Now, Mojo has brainwashed Psylocke, Jubilee, Gambit, and Lila Cheney and pitted them against the other X-Men. Meanwhile, Dazzler is rescued by Mojo II.

Continuity Note
This issue emphasizes that transporting to Mojoworld is traumatic, unless Spiral uses her magic to do so.

Dazzler says that fighting with Longshot in Mojoworld revived her memories that were erased by the Siege Perilous. This doesn’t make any sense, but is that really surprising?

It’s another X-Men in Mojoworld story, which at least serves to wrap up Longshot’s long-running subplot. Most of the comedy doesn’t work, except for seeing Wolverine brainwashed as a frightened child. There’s not much of a story, and it cuts short at sixteen pages. Jim Lee’s art isn’t bad, but it’s still lacking a lot of his earlier energy. Overall, it’s certainly not as bad as Uncanny at this point, but it’s not very good, either.

Last Stand
Credits: Scott Lobdell (writer), Mark Texeria (art), Mike Rockwitz (colors), L. Lois Buhalis (letters)

Maverick invades the hideout of a Dr. Ryking. Maverick’s boss, Major Barrington, wants Ryking’s info on the missing Xavier File, while Ryking is working to save the life of a mystery man. The mystery man attacks Maverick from behind.

Continuity Notes
How can a back-up story with virtually no plot have so many continuity points? The mystery man is apparently Warhawk, a long forgotten X-Men villain. He tells Ryking that Barrington wants him to answer a mystery that the doctor wouldn’t be able to solve.

Warhawk needs Dr. Ryking to save his life for unexplained reasons. He also says that the doctor has ruined countless lives in his unknown quest.

The doctor recognizes Maverick as “North” and is shocked to realize his true identity.

Warhawk claims that Barrington rendered his body “nearly useless after my failed encounter with the X-Men”. The editor’s footnote simply reads “Hmmmm?”

A lot of vague nonsense, but at least Texeria draws it well. Another story that reminds me of the early Image days. A group of poorly introduced characters you know nothing about have a vague conversation that doesn’t really make sense. Then they fight. There are actually three splash pages in this seven-page story, which was excessive even by the standards of the day. It’s truly awful.

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