Thursday, April 29, 2010

PROPHET/CABLE #1 - January 1997

Credits: Rob Liefeld (plot), Robert Napton (script), Mark Pajarillo & Rob Liefeld (pencilers), Norm Rapmund & Jonathan Sibal (inker), Kurt Hathaway (letters), Laura Penton, Andy Troy, & Extreme Colors (colors)

Summary: Crypt travels to the Marvel Universe, hoping to find a means to defeat his enemy Prophet. He arrives at the X-Men’s mansion and fights Cable and Domino. After winning the battle, Crypt unmasks and taunts Cable with his face as he teleports away with Domino. A computer scan points Cable towards Prophet, who lives on the Direct Orbiting Commander Center. Cable teleports to Prophet’s base and begins a fight. Prophet’s companion Kirby ends the fight by putting a gun to the back of Cable’s head. Meanwhile, Crypt presents Domino to Kang the Conqueror.

Continuity Notes: In a text piece, Liefeld reveals that Prophet was originally intended to be an X-Force character. Prophet would’ve been a police officer from the future sent by Kang, a warlord in this era, to bring back Cable.

Production Note: Although these characters are associated with Image, this was actually published by Liefeld’s Maximum Press company. Judging by the cover dates, this was released around six months after the Marvel/Extreme crossovers began in Summer 1996. By this point, Liefeld was out of Image.

Review: Wrapping up the Extreme crossovers with the X-universe (unless there are even more I never knew about), we have the Prophet/Cable miniseries. Jim Valentino and Rob Liefeld had a falling out shortly after “Heroes Reborn” began, so he’s not going to be writing this. Jeph Loeb and Eric Stephenson might’ve been good candidates, but they’re sharing the editor credit. No, this is a Rob Liefeld joint, so to the surprise of no one, the plot consists of two extended fight scenes glued together with a flimsy setup. The story can’t even seem to decide if the Marvel and Extreme universes are separate realities, as Crypt has to travel across dimensions to reach Cable while Prophet just seems to be hovering over Marvel’s Earth a few pages later. Maybe the idea is that Cable teleported across realities, but it’s not clearly explained, and it would be a large leap in his teleportation abilities (Cable’s not even supposed to be able to teleport at this point in continuity, but I’ll cut the story some slack and just assume it’s not trying to adhere to any strict Cable continuity).

Now, who are Prophet and Crypt? Beats me. Crypt is apparently some sort of time thief, and Prophet is a warrior from various time periods. I guess they’re supposed to look like one another, or maybe they’re the same person from different points in the timeline. Or, perhaps Crypt is shapechanger and he’s framing Prophet. Who knows. Oddly enough, the script gives a detailed explanation of Cable and Domino for new readers, but just assumes everyone knows who the Extreme characters are. Shouldn’t this be the other way around? I do remember the Prophet series getting some hype when Chuck Dixon and Stephen Platt were briefly on the title. I certainly don’t recall this hairstyle in any of the promotional art, though:

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Rafael said...

Nice review. I quite like this comics as I am huge fan of Prophet.
As for the Crypt looking like Prophet thing: During the crossover Extreme Sacrifice, it is revealed that Crypt is in fact Prophet from a different timeline, where Prophet became some sort of time-traveller evildoer.

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