Thursday, April 1, 2010

SPAWN #17 - January 1994

Reflections- Part Two

Credits: Grant Morrison (story), Greg Capullo (pencils), Mark Pennington (inks), Tom Orzechowski (letters and editor), Steve Oliff & Olyoptics (colors)

Summary: Spawn hears Malebolgia’s voice at his grave, mocking him. He’s suddenly transported to Simmonsville. There, he’s attacked by the Anti-Spawn. Outclassed, Spawn teleports back to the alleys to regroup, but Anti-Spawn follows him. After repeatedly blasting Spawn, Anti-Spawn prepares for the kill.

Spawntinuity: Malebolgia reveals that Spawn’s body is made out of psychoplasm and can change its shape.

Review: It’s the action-heavy middle chapter, so this isn’t exactly a densely packed plot. Morrison didn’t conform too much to the Image style in the first chapter, but now he’s delivering an issue-long fight scene filled with giant panels and gratuitous splash pages. At the very least, Greg Capullo seems to be having fun with this. There are a few Morrison touches, such as Spawn’s description of teleportation (“A shotgun blast through un-space at the speed of light. Stressed molecules shrieking with shock.” When did Spawn ever speak like this?), and a few creative uses of the characters’ powers. The climax comes when the cross design on Anti-Spawn’s face shoots out a fiery blast, which is an imaginative way to incorporate his elaborate design into the actual story.

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