Friday, July 23, 2010

ANGELA #1 - December 1994

Angela Part One

Credits: Neil Gaiman (story), Greg Capullo (art), Tom Orzechowski (letters), Todd Broeker & Fierce Colorgraphics (colors)

Summary: While hunting a dragon, Angela is arrested by a host of angels. The angel Surielle removes Angela’s trophy earrings as she places her in prison. Angela’s friends, Kuan Yin and Anahita, refuse to believe the charges against her. They discover Gabrielle’s testimony, which falsely claims Angela hunted Spawn on Earth without a permit. Kuan Yin and Anahita travel to Earth and confront Spawn.

Spawntinuity: Angela claims that this is her hundred thousandth birthday, and that she’s killed over thirty Hellspawn. The angels are currently searching for her missing lance, which was left on Earth after her encounter with Spawn in issue #9.

Spawn vs. Lawyers: I know there was a trade reprint of this miniseries, but I imagine the Gaiman lawsuit has kept it out of print.

Review: Look at that cover. It certainly fits the criteria for a Boob War comic, doesn’t it? This, of course, isn’t mindless T&A and violence, although Gaiman isn’t shying away from those elements. Gaiman always said he did this work to impress his teenage son, but the story doesn’t read as if he’s only pandering to a juvenile audience. There’s a lot of action and scantily clad angels, but Angela is given a distinct personality (she’s arrogant, reckless, and quick to make enemies), a few literary references are thrown in, and most of the dialogue is pretty clever. Spawn’s introduced with a two-page sequence that has him reviewing how pathetic his life is and declaring that he has to stop obsessing over his wife. Yeah, like that’ll happen any decade soon.

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