Thursday, July 22, 2010

SPAWN #28 - February 1995


Credits: Todd McFarlane (story), Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo (art), Tom Orzechowski (copy editor & letters), Steve Oliff & Olyoptics (colors)

Summary: Wanda searches the alleys, hoping to find Spawn. She’s horrified to discover the Curse, who Spawn crucified against a wall hours earlier. While running away, she’s accosted by a gang. Spawn rescues Wanda, and inadvertently shouts out her name when he recognizes her. He only explains that he’s someone who cares, as he realizes that Wanda is terrified of him. She hands him a photo of her family and leaves, promising never to return. Meanwhile, Sam discovers info on Chief Banks he can’t believe.

Todd Talk: Todd admits he’s been forgetting to hide Felix the Cat in the backgrounds.

Review: Wanda finally meets Spawn, although she of course doesn’t learn his true identity. McFarlane treats much of this issue as a character piece for Wanda, dedicating caption after caption to explanations of how cautious and clear-headed she normally is. She never goes into the city, so interacting with street people and searching the back alleys is supposed to be a horrifying ordeal for her. Spawn’s now more brutal than ever, as he crucifies the Curse and keeps him chained up for later punishment. I imagine McFarlane did this deliberately to contrast with the image Wanda has of his previous self, and the scene that has Wanda discovering the Curse is an effective way of crashing Spawn’s two lives together. Artistically, this is one of the best McFarlane/Capullo collaborations. The book still isn’t specifying who’s doing what, but it looks as if McFarlane’s mostly inking, as the figures have a stature and consistency that I associate with Capullo. McFarlane’s real strength as an artist is his inking, and the back alley setting gives him a lot to work with.

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