Monday, February 27, 2012


A roundtable interview with Bob Harras, Mark Powers, and Jason Liebig detailing Marvel’s plans for the X-Men as the new millennium approaches. Watch out for that Y2K bug, you guys! (Scans discovered on Jason Liebig's Flickr page.)


Jason said...

Fascinating to come upon your blog.

Though I can understand the criticisms levied at the 1990's X-Men (and 1990's comics in general), having been there I do have a bit of a different perspective.

In the end, the work speaks for itself, and if it deserves derision, so be it.

Whatever the case, it's nice to find someone taking such a serious and long-view look back at the material, and the era, rather than just adolescent snark.


Jason Liebig

G. Kendall said...

Thanks, Jason. If you have any commentary to add on these issues, feel free to leave a response. I still love that interview you did with Rich Johnston, post-Marvel.

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