Monday, May 21, 2012


Give Me Liberty…
Credits: Len Strazewski (writer), Mike Parobeck (penciler), Mike Machlan & Carlos Garzon (inkers), Bob Pinaha (letterer), Glenn Whitmore (colorist)

Summary: The JSA travel in their civilian guises to Bahdnesia, telling Jesse stories about their WWII adventures. When they arrive, Dr. Midnight slips away to investigate the island, which is owned by the mysterious Pol St. Germain. Meanwhile, Wildcat and Atom go to a boxing match. When a boxer is allowed to brutalize his opponent, Wildcat enters the ring and attacks the boxer, attracting numerous security guards.

Irrelevant Continuity: The girl from issue #3 with the mysterious connection to Thunderbolt is revealed as Kiku, a descendant of Bahdnesia immigrants. She travels with the team to Bahdnesia.

Total N00B: I have no idea why Kiku’s ancestry as a Bahdnesian apparently allows her to control Thunderbolt.

We Get Letters: One fan is upset that Green Lantern isn’t wearing his toupee in this title, which contradicts his appearances in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly.

I Love the ‘90s: Green Lantern is disappointed that the government is spending billions on the Gulf War while people are out of work. The Gulf War was almost two years old when this comic was published, but I guess the news was still new to GL.

Review: The only member to appear in costume during the lead story is Dr. Midnight, which I suppose was the motivation for opening the book with a lengthy flashback to one of the JSA’s WWII battles. This adventure takes place on the White House lawn, as the JSA stop an elaborate assassination attempt that we’re somehow supposed to believe never became public knowledge. The flashback doesn’t seem to have any real relevance to the main story, which I’m sure breaks a few of the accepted writing rules, but it’s nicely illustrated and allows the issue to open with an unexpected cold action sequence. The story then moves on to the Bahdnesian plot, which has the various teammates wandering around the island, remarking that something is Not Quite Right. With a name like “Pol St. Germain, I can’t imagine anything is fishy about the island’s leader, but we’ll see how this turns out. Strazewski can still make the camaraderie between the JSA readable, so the leisurely nature of this storyline isn’t a problem at this point.

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