Friday, June 22, 2012


This is not the greatest Wizard special devoted to Wolverine, no. This is just a tribute. Tribute to Wolverine is one of the better Wizard specials, with numerous interviews and a comprehensive history of the character, which couldn't have been easy to assemble, even back in 1996. This is an interview with Larry Hama and Bob Harras to promote Wolverine’s brave new direction as Scooby Doo. If you ever wondered what on earth they were thinking, this is what on earth they were thinking.


Matt said...

Per Larry Hama, regarding Wolverine and Elektra -- "They've never really met before."

Nowadays, it's hard for me to imagine there was ever a time when there were any characters in the Marvel Universe who Wolverine hadn't met.

wwk5d said...

Oh, this article is hilarious. Within a few months, Kubert and Waid would be off the titles (Kubert much sooner), and within a year or so(?) Logan would be back to looking like normal.

Cannonball would have a significant figure in Wolverine's future? Damn, this article was hilarious.

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