Tuesday, September 4, 2012

THE BOOK OF FATE #3 - April 1997

No title or credit is listed for this issue. Based on the previous issues, the creative team likely consists of...
Keith Giffen (writer), Ron Wagner (penciler), Bill Reinhold (inker), Gaspar (letterer), Mike Danza (colorist)

Summary: Jared defeats Sentinel after he foolishly unwraps the cloak on Jared’s arm and unleashes a monster. When Jared returns home, his view of the world is warped into chaos. He follows a neighbor, Cindy, to Arnold’s apartment, hoping to find answers there. Jared’s perceptions return to normal outside, where he’s surrounded by a sea of blackness. The agents of Chaos and Order appear, hoping to recruit him to their respective sides. Jared refuses to take a side, and with both fearful of his powers, Chaos and Order initiate their war.

Review: Ironically, the story about chaos infecting reality is the easiest to follow so far. I still don’t pretend to understand the specifics of the continuity, but there’s enough here for me to get the broad strokes. Both Order and Chaos want Jared on their side, probably because they’re both terrified of the Artifacts of Fate, and some kind of war is brewing between them. I still find Chaos’ speech pattern annoying, and everything Order says is needlessly cryptic, but at least I can pick out some semblance of a plot. And I didn’t even mind the weirdness for weirdness’ sake this issue. Ron Wagner draws the trippy landscapes beautifully, and there appears to be some logic behind most of this insanity, like when Jared perceives Cindy as a roach because she’s carrying a Kafka book.

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