Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TMNT Adventures #19 – April 1991

The Man Who Sold the World

Credits: Dean Clarrain (script), Garrett Ho (pencils), Dan Berger (inks), Gary Fields (letters), Barry Grossman (colors)

Following the previous issue, the Turtles and Mondo Gecko are on the rooftops, observing the skyscraper where Donatello caught a glimpse of floating meteorites. Splinter and April arrive, after doing research into the skyscraper’s owner. His name is Null, The Kid’s employer and the man behind the undersea base that was dumping toxic waste. Inside Null’s office, he’s meeting with Maligna’s children, Scul and Bean. They’ve set up a deal that will give the Earth to Maligna, while Null is given otherworldly business opportunities. (Hence, the title of this issue, a reference to an obscure David Bowie song that he had forgotten himself until Nirvana later covered it.)

Meanwhile, Man Ray investigates the strange meteorites that have landed in the ocean. One of them suddenly comes alive, hitting Man Ray in the stomach and carrying him to a distant beach. Conveniently enough, he lands near Jagwar and Dreadmon. I’m sure Man Ray and Jagwar could just spend hours talking about the horrible things people are doing to the environment, but their first meeting gets off to a rocky start.

Meanwhile again, the Turtles’ rooftop conversation is interrupted by The Kid. He tries to explain that he’s here to warn the Turtles, but that doesn’t stop Raphael from dramatically returning in his original outfit.

Soon, Scul and Bean arrive to fight the Turtles. The fighting is fierce, but it abruptly ends when Bean…ahem, “drops a load.”

Finally, Null turns to the imaginary camera, revealing his face.

Get it? Because corporations are like the devil. To be continued in Mighty Mutanimals #1.

Review in a Half-Shell: It’s admirable to see the way Clarrain/Murphy is pulling various threads together again for a big story. I like the way smaller stories can stand on their own, while still serving to add to a larger picture. There’s a lot going on this issue, taking advantage of Archie’s twenty-eight page length. I also like the fact that Raphael managed to keep his own unique uniform for over a year, which from my perspective as a kid, was practically forever. Garrett Ho debuts as artist this issue, keeping the Turtles very “on-model” with their look from the animated series, while still maintaining the fluid cartooning of Ken Mitchroney.

What the Shell? : Dropping a load? And it makes a “plop” sound when it lands? What?

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