Wednesday, September 12, 2007

X-FACTOR #74 – January 1992

Politically Incorrect

Peter David (Script), Larry Stroman (Pencils), Allen Milgrom (Inks), Glynis Oliver (Colors), Michael Heisler (Letters).

Slab threatens to destroy the Washington Monument if Strong Guy doesn’t agree to fight him. During the course of their brawl, Strong Guy is the one who accidentally destroys the Monument. The entire fight is revealed as a set up by Mr. Sinister and the mysterious Senator Shaffran to discredit X-Factor. Meanwhile, a lie detector test reveals that the Madrox who joined X-Factor is a duplicate.

Continuity Notes
Slab is incorrectly colored as green on the cover. The mistake is repeated on the next cover, so maybe he was originally intended to be that color.

Almost half of this issue is a fight scene, but it doesn’t get in the way of the ongoing subplots and character dramas. The two mystery figures from the previous issues are revealed to be Mr. Sinister and a new character, Senator Shaffran. X-Factor is still standing out as the best X-title. The mysteries don’t seem to be dragging out forever, and the fight scenes actually serve the ongoing storyline instead of getting in the way of it.

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