Monday, September 24, 2007

X-FORCE #7 – February 1992

Under The Knife

Credits: Rob Liefeld (plot and art), Fabian Nicieza (script), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Steve Buccellato (colors)

Masque, Thornn, and Phantazia infiltrate X-Force’s headquarters, while Siryn, Shatterstar, and Warpath face the other Brotherhood members outside. After a brief battle in the dark, Cannonball is apparently killed by Sauron. Meanwhile, Kane stumbles across a Mutant Liberation Front base in Canada.

Continuity Notes
Toad brags about being biologically changed, and now exudes some type of resin from his hands.

Feral’s sister, Thornn, asks her “how many more chances are you going to get before you pay for everything you’ve done?” I believe that this is one mystery that was actually resolved.

Miscellaneous Notes
Marat Mychaels gets a note of thanks in the letters page “for helping Rob out…in order to save us from the Dreaded Deadline Doom.”

Shatterstar is still holding “swords” that look like pool sticks.

Another big fight issue. Some of the fights aren’t handled badly, while some are just lazy. Siryn takes care of Pyro in less than one page, and Blob just tumbles into a ravine off-panel. Rob Liefeld is apparently channeling one unlikely influence, Mike Mignolia, during the fight scene in the dark. Overall, this isn’t as uneven as previous issues. After stalling for three issues, at least something is happening.

Kane, the new Weapon X, gets a back-up story in this issue. Just like in his first appearance, he’s only drawn with eyes in one panel, and repeats the phrase “Get-Into-The-Grove!” Can’t he think of another early Madonna hit to psyche himself up with? I don’t remember a lot about these issues, but I do remember liking this back-up story for some reason as a kid. It’s just Kane punching some goons and then running into the MLF, so I don't know why it stood it to me.

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